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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halle's 13th Birthday Party

Her birthday party was in July, y'all.  I know, I'm so behind.  Oopsie!  Halle had a blast at her 13th birthday party.  She planned it herself, so all I had to do was buy what she needed, and make the cake.

She had a pool party sleepover party with five of her friends.  These girls are fun and goofy and they all had a great time.

Why is Jenna wearing a swim cap you might ask. 

They played some pool games.  Two games in particular had us rolling.  One game was a frozen t-shirt game.  Beforehand, Halle froze two large t-shirts, each one in a gallon size ziplock bag full of water.  The girls divided into two teams.  Each team had to get the t-shirt out of the bag of rock solid ice and have a team member put it on.  It. Was. Hilarious!  Originally I thought it was going to be a fast game and not that hard to get the t-shirt out.  I thought they would just melt the ice in the pool and the t-shirt would be free.  WRONG.  It took about 20 minutes to free the shirts!  The girls were cracking us up trying to get the shirts out.  They were slamming the solid ice onto the concrete around the pool.  Olivia is a softball player and was slamming it really hard.  I was certain she was going to break the concrete!

Finally it was free after like a thousand tries of breaking the ice and soaking it in the pool water!  Once the shirts were free, they were holy as all get out.  (They were brand new t-shirts before this.)  The girls destroyed them!
this shirt is so destroyed that Jenna has her head through a hole

the other teams shirt.  That's Olivia, by the way, the softball player with major slamming power.  Their team won.
As you can tell, the girls look like zombies with all of their smeared mascara.  That was another game.  They put on as much black mascara as they could and then jumped in the water to make them look as zombie-ish as possible.  Ha!  I remember at that age asking my friends, "is my mascara running?" and freaking out if it was.  Twenty years later they are owning the whole runny mascara thing.  :)

The other game that was really fun to watch was the watermelon game.  We lubed, and I mean really lubed, up a large watermelon with Vaseline.  Then I threw it into the pool.  Each girl was on their own. They each tried to secure the watermelon and get it over the side of the pool.  Bwhahahahahhahahaa!  It was like a cat fight.  The watermelon floats, so it bobs up and down when someone tries to get it.  Also, it was super greasy so they couldn't get a good hold on it.  Once one girl got a hold of it, the other girls would tackle her and knock it away. They were in the deep end which made it that much harder.  One time, the watermelon came loose, and someone ended up grabbing Jenna's head instead (her hair was in a swim cap so it kind of looked like the watermelon in the dark.)  I was dying watching these girls play this game!  I tried to get pics, but they were so dark and blurry from all the commotion they didn't come out.

These are pictures of Jack from a completely different game.  The girls were diving for poker chips that JAck and I threw in the pool for them.  Here he is trying to help the girls out by pointing out the chip.

those dark things in the water are the girls diving for the chips. 

Halle requested that I make the most chocolaty cake I could make.  She also requested strawberry cupcakes.
this was the cake and I think I nailed the chocolaty part.  It was really good!

she got some sweet gifts from her friends.  Jenna, one of oldest friends, brought a picture of them when they were in second grade.

Olivia and Kaitlyn made a collage with many of the goofy pictures they have taken.
We gave her money, but I gave it to her in fun ways.  Brian felt really awkward going to bank and requesting so much money in one dollar bills!  lol
I made her a crown, bracelet and ring.

and bills shaped into her name

and a looong strip of bills taped together that she had to pull out of a bag.

it was 60 bills long, I believe, so it kept going and going.