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Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm scared!! It's scary!!!

All because of a bug, people!  Big ole' scaredy cat.  I can't wait to pick on him about this when he's older. :)
On the plus side, he's probably the cutest pouter in the whole entire world

(Side note:  he's also deathly afraid of fire works and the dark)  We cruel parents like to use that to our advantage.

Sleepy Jack

it doesn't matter how uncomfortable the chair is, as long as he gets to sleep in our room

 asleep at the wheel.  His mother takes forever to grocery shop
this does NOT look comfortable

Here's another angle

Poor Bear, he's been through so much
Who cares that the entire wait staff is shouting a Mexican birthday song?  Not this guy, he's out cold.  The funniest thing is before Brian put him in his lap he had fallen asleep sitting up in his high chair...... STILL CHEWING HIS FOOD!

Sometimes I like to pick on him while he's asleep.

Of course when I do want him to go to sleep he refuses.  Sigh.

But every once in a while I can get a sweet moment like this with my baby who is not a baby anymore.

Until I realize he's making his huge nasty sleeping boy sweat puddle on me.   Ewwww, boy does he sweat!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I know that just about everyone who reads my blog hates cats, so you'll probably hate this post, too. But... we got a kitty!

I took Jack to the neighborhood playground two weeks ago.  It was the first nice day in a while.  Halle went too, to soak up some sun while doing her school work.  Jack was the only kid on the playground.  Out of nowhere came this pretty little kitty up to the slide.  He wanted to see Jack.  I called the kitty over to pet it.  He was the sweetest cat ever.  I'd had a lot of cats growing up, and immediately I knew this kitten was special.  I'm usually not a sucker for strays, but this little thing was obviously lost and I couldn't just leave a little kitty all out by himself.  Halle also instantly fell in love, so we took him home to give him some food, with the intentions of taking him to the vet so they could find a home for him.

Arden came home from school, and she too was enamored with the kitten.  Of course she thought he needed a name.  Halle and I both independently came up with the name Parker, since we found him at the park.  So of course that had to be his name!

Jack loves Parker, too.  This cat is so sweet that he just lays there while Jack drags him around.  If a cat will let a two year old choke him by the neck while picking him up then you know the cat's a keeper.  There's only one problem: BRIAN.  Brian doesn't hate cats, he actually kind of likes them, but he's very allergic.  The first few days were okay and Brian's allergies didn't flare up, but as he hung around Parker more he started having problems.  I told Halle the kitty had to go for Daddy's sake, and she started crying.  It's a hard predicament because we love the kitty.  So Brian said that the cat could stay as long as he kept his distance.  We're hoping that it works out; otherwise the kitty has to go and we'll all be so sad.  Most likely, he'll have to be an outside cat.  

the first day at the park.  Parker is trying to nurse, lol.

Parker and Brian watching cat videos

Parker crawled into Jack's arms during naptime.  So sweet!
Parker and Rudi chilling together.
Halle's Rainbow Loom replica of Parker.

Dressing up for school

Arden has dressed up for school a lot this last week.

First was Career Day.  She really wanted to be a police officer so she could carry around a flashlight. Go figure, she's her daddy's daughter.  I convinced her that an Astronaut is cool (since we had the costume.)
Here she is, flooding bad in her space suit.
the cutest astronaut ever
Second was the 100th day of school.  For this, they encouraged the kids to dress like they were one hundred years old.  I put a WHOLE LOT of powder in her hair to make it white, but it didn't change the color.  It was fun, though, to pat her head and see a cloud of powder engulf her.  Heehee.
"Hey sonny."
Lastly, the school had a "Dancing through the Decades Sock Hop."  Kindergartners dressed 50's style.
She also was the Star Student recently, so she got to present a poster board that was all about her.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Birthdays and Anniversary

My Dad turned 70 in January!  We threw him a surprise party.  Those folks got pretty rowdy toward the end!  Fun times.
family and friends celebrating my dad's birthday.

It took me 70 years to look this good. :)
We also celebrated 13 years of marriage!  We went shopping at the mall.  It was pretty funny because I made Brian go into Sephora with me.  He was secretly wishing that I wouldn't buy anything from there because he'd already bought me a Sephora gift card.  Then he made me go into Abercrombie to smell his favorite cologne, which he was out of.  I was secretly wishing he wouldn't buy any because I had already gotten him the cologne and it was in my purse.  Ha!  We know each other too well!
We tried Flemings Steakhouse for the first time.  Afterward we watched American Sniper.
Brian's birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday this year.  We started the day with church and then we ate at a local Mexican restaurant with our life group afterward.  They waiter got Brian good with whipped cream and a cherry.  He looked like a rodeo clown.  :)

Adam and Sarah then came over for the evening.  We had surf and turf for dinner.  We boiled a bunch of shrimp and then had steak.  YUM!
Halle and Sarah with the big bowl of shrimp.  It was fabulous.
This is the paleo chocolate cake that I made.  It looks so much better than it tasted.  Haha!  It was the driest thing I've ever eaten.  Honestly I think I baked it too long.  I was afraid it would fall apart if I under-baked it.  It came out like brick.  I seriously thing you could have thrown it at someone and knocked them out!  Sarah claimed it was good for a healthy cake, but Brian and Adam literally poured milk on it to moisten it.  Hilarious!  It's a good thing I had a back-up of Sweet potato paleo cookies because those are always a hit!  Five dozen of those were gone in no time.

This is cool Uncle Adam carrying around 80 pounds of kids.  Notice how red his face was.  They love their Uncle Adam