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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Conroe Weekend

Check out this link to read about a great weekend we had in Lake Conroe with friends!

Halle's 10th Birthday - Dolphin Party

Halle's birthday is during the heat of the summer.  Her first party was luau themed and was outdoors.  It was stifling hot!
Halle's First Birthday
 Because of this we have always had her other birthday parties at an air conditioned indoor venue like Jumpin Jaks, the Children's museum, skating rink, and so on.  This year, though, she really wanted a dolphin party because she ADORES dolphins.  She can sit and spout off all kinds of facts about dolphins, the different species, communication techniques, eating habits, etc, etc. 
In addition to having a dolphin theme, Halle had specific requests for her party.
1) There had to be water involved
2) There had to be a craft-like activity
3) She wanted red velvet cake.
4) I had to make her cake
5) There had to be games and prizes

She summed up