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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Potty training is so much fun!.... said no one ever.

  I'm being a big hypocrite here because it annoys me when moms post stuff about potty training on FB.  But I also don't want to miss an opportunity to post embarrassing photos of my kids.  ;)

We're doing the whole potty thing outside because it's way easier than worrying about accidents inside.  Plus, what boy doesn't like to run around stark naked in the back yard?
he liked the breeze from the fan.  that's a LEAF on the ground, by the way.

oh, the adventures of having a boy

he has to pull up his belly fat so he can see his thing.  I was dying watching this!

I'm a cruel mom.  I stuck him in girl panties.
my text to Jess

thanks, Jess, that's better.

Happy 4th!

Fourth of July is always a great day for us.  I love how Prestonwood has a bicycle parade every year.  The kids enjoy decorating their bikes in red, white, and blue.  This year, though, since Halle is older, she decided to walk in the parade.  Arden rode her big girl bike.  It was so much easier to manage the five kids this year than it was last year since we had Brian and John here to help!

The parade consists of classic cars, the Knights of Columbus, four-wheelers, go-karts, walkers, wagons, and bikes.  The local fire department brings up the end with the fire trucks and loud sirens.  At the end of the parade the fire truck is set up to spray water into the street so the kids can play.

I'm sad that this is our last Prestonwood Parade since we'll be moving.  :(  
The kids are ready for the parade!  Arden insisted that she wear her helmet since there would be so many people around her and she was scared she would fall.
a couple of the old cars

Having a blast waving the flag

we borrowed this hat from a neighborhood kid so I could get a quick shot.

Jack was too scared to go near the spraying hose so he stayed with fire fighter Uncle Adam.

The neighborhood kids having fun with the fire truck hose.

After the parade is over, we still have to get home.  It's a mile from the end of the parade to our house, and the kids ride back wet and barefooted.

The three stooges.  I love this picture because it looks so American.  The trees, the neighborhood, the kids on their bikes.  Love it!  This year they were allowed to ride ahead of the grownups, which I think made them feel like big kids.
By this time they are ready for lunch and to jump in the pool!  We had hot dogs with the Muses and swam.
Brian enjoying a cold one and practicing for a pool of his own.

That evening we headed to Tomball for their fireworks event.  We hung out and played games, ate, and settled down once it was dark for the fireworks display.

Jack playing the bowling game

The three stooges racing

eating watermelon on the lawn.


my favorite shot.

Jess and me

love birds

Jack has really taken to Maggie this summer.


Arden and Cole waved their flags each time a firework popped.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What time is your dentist appointment? At Tooth:Hurty.

Brian loves that awful joke and said it every time I went to the dentist this summer, which is 6 times.  Sigh....

after my appointment with my right side numb.

Great pic, huh?  All I have to say is I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST.  My teeth suck.  I mean, who chips a tooth from brushing too hard?  Yup, that'd be me.  This is me with my droopy smile.  I know, I look awesome.  As Jess said, who needs kissy duck faces when you have sexy droopy-lip selfies?  ;)  

Know what's even better looking?  Me forgetting my mouth is numb until I have a huge spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth (dentist said to eat soft foods..)  Can you picture it?  It's like a cross between a cow and a turtle.  Then add drool.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summertime 2014, so far

We have been consumed with house selling stuff which is why I haven't had time to blog much.  I will blog soon about all of that, but in the meantime here's some everyday pics of the summer.
a little bit of school.  Halle with a brain on her head.

hanging out at the pool almost everyday with the Muses.  Arden and Maggie are enjoying ice creams on the patio.
Jack has gotten into a routine of saying good night before he goes to bed.  Everyone must have a bedtime hug and kiss, including the dog.
The three stooges at the pool.

swim meets every Saturday.  Maggie and Arden horsing around

Jack has been making everything a hat lately.  These are wipies.

Arden and her swim team friend, Zoey.  They went to VBS together last week.

Halle reading to Jack
Jack with a swim cap.

Jack wearing his potty seat as a hat.  Good thing it's clean.

Jack has been learning to swim with floaties this summer 
hanging out at my mom's house with their cousins, Austin and Andrew.  Jack with a mask on saying "Aghhhhhhh!"  He's imitating the boys.

Sweet sweet picture.  Halle is at the doctor getting shots.  Arden and Jack holding her hands to make her feel better.

Photo: Captain Jack "Arrrr"!
This was taken in April.  Hanging out with Papa Mike and Gigi on Lake Conroe.  Captain Jack.

Ryan and Beth's wedding.

Here's some pictures from Ryan and Beth's Big Day.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Halle was a junior bridesmaid so she got to join in on all of the bridal party activities.  She was thrilled to ride in the limo on the way to the church since it was her first time.  She also had the honor of reciting a few passages during the ceremony.  This was Jack's first time to have to sit still and be quiet in a church service.  That was no easy task for me.  I gave him my purse and let him rummage through it to keep him busy.  He was satisfied with taking my store cards (Kroger card, library card, etc) out of my wallet and putting them back in over and over again.  

Here's a few pictures from the reception:
Uncle Ryan, the groom, and Arden

Arden and her cousin, Kellie.

Arden, Uncle Adam, Jack

Jack and Arden having fun on the dance floor

Brian and Halle


Arden dancing with her daddy

Arden dancing with her Poppy

Photobomb by the groom
Beth cool and collected

Halle riding in the limo

Aunt Sarah and Jack
Brian and I at the photobooth.
Congrats Ryan and Beth!