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Friday, March 13, 2015

Jack's Mickey Choo Choo Express Birthday Party

After the last few parties I swore I wouldn't plan another party ever again because it was too much work.  Yeah.  Right.  I think I have an addiction.  I didn't work quite as hard on this party, though, knowing that the main attraction would be a hit in of itself...... a train!

Jack loves Mickey Mouse and Jack loves trains.  I combined the two for the party. This was Jack's invitation.
The forecast said it was going to rain on the day of his party.  A high of 49 degrees and 80% chance of rain.  I prayed hard that the weather would be nice because the weather has been yucky for a month.  The kids have been cooped up inside and we wanted to to be able to surprise the kids, Jack especially, with a train

Thank God it did not rain.  The weather was in the high fifties and was a nice day for a party.  We got over 200 pics of the party between Sarah and me!  Because I don't want to skimp on the pictures, I've made a lot of collages so I can condense this post.

here's the cake table.  I combined Jack's Lego trains and a Mickey wooden train together and put the cupcakes on top like cargo.    

the 3 birthday cake is made out of two bundt cakes.  Some cupcakes are lime, some are strawberry.  The cake was chocolate.   Let's just say they were a little bit better than the Paleo cake I made for Brian's birthday.  ;)  In all I made 48 cupcakes and they didn't make it through the rest of the weekend.  I'm not mentioning any names.  Adam.  Brian.
So I've been into cookie decorating lately and it's harder than it looks.  It's tough stuff to get cookies perfect!  I'm quite proud of this batch of cookies, though.  This is my third attempt at cookie decorating and I'm improving.  I've been reading lots of blogs and tips on how to bake perfect cookies and decorate perfect cookies.  Halle is a huge helping hand in this.  It's quite fun!

These are the theme-y signs and quotes from Mickey Mouse clubhouse.  Aw crap.  I just realized I didn't get a pic of Halle's "Mickey Mouse Club-sandwiches" sign.  She came up with that all on her own.  In addition to sandwiches, we had hot dog hot dog hot diggity dogs, in honor of Mickey Mouse's hot dog dance.

"We've Got Ears, Say Cheers!"  I made character hats out of construction paper and lined them on the stairs so the kids could have their pick.  I've never been to a party or thrown a party where the kids actually wore the party hats.  But this time, the kids LOVED them.   I had Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Daisy, and Pluto hats.  A lot of the kids wore them on their own, and the three Spafford boys wore theirs to church the next day!  LOL.

The moonwalk was a last minute addition.  Since the weather was going to cooperate I decided to splurge a little and add a moonwalk to the party.  Like I said, all these kids had been cooped up because of the weather, so I wanted to make sure they had plenty of fun.  This is a shout out to iJump Inflatables (Houston area) and their great customer service.  I forgot to hand out their business cards at the party, so this is me making up for it by recommending them here on my blog.  We got to keep the moonwalk for the entire day.
CHOO CHOO!  The train is here!!!  I rented a train for an hour.  It came with a driver and an attendant that managed the kids.  The train took the kids for about ten minute rides through the neighborhood.  IT WAS A HIT!!!  Jack was acting very whiny until the train arrived.  Then he perked up and rode the train for the ENTIRE time it was at the party, which was an hour.  All of the other kids would sit out once or twice, but Jack only got off in order to switch cars.  He was sooo sooo excited. 

a great shot of the train in front of our house.  It had three cars and each car could fit about six kids.

the parents are waving bye to the kids.  See I did this on purpose.  Now all of sudden it just turned into an adult party.  ;)
 look at all of those happy faces.  And... does Arden think it's a roller coaster??
Did I mention he loved the train?  He loved waving to the neighbors and passers by.

Crystal is helping me with Toodles.
For games, we played like we were on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode.  We had Toodles.  I had the kids yell, "Oh Toodles!" to call Toodles for mouseketools.  They were so cute doing that.  The first activity we needed to do was the hot dog dance.  One of the mouseketools was music notes, so we picked that so we could dance!
here in this collage you can see some of the kids doing the hot dog dance.  The bottom right picture is of them looking at Toodles and figuring out what mouseketool they need.

The next activity was to put a puzzle together.  But when I looked in the box, the puzzle was gone!  We had to call Toodles again, and this time the kids chose the mystery mouseketool.  Pluto was the mystery mouseketool.  Turns out that Pluto ate a piece of the puzzle (because it was missing and I had to come up with something) and he hid the rest of the puzzle pieces with his bones.  The kids had to find the bones so that they could find the pieces to the puzzle so that they could put the puzzle together.  They all raced outside to find the "hidden" bones.  Once they found the bones and the pieces they started putting the puzzle together.  They did a great job at teamwork.  I was impressed.  I chose this puzzle because 1) Jack already had it and 2)it had a picture of Mickey's Choo Choo Express on it.    
 They got down to the end and realized there was still one piece that needed to be found.  The kids scattered like roaches to find it.  So funny.
this was such a cute moment.  Tobey came racing down the driveway with the last piece, yelling "I found it!  I found it!"
So they finished the puzzle (sans the piece that Pluto, ummm, ate.)

The next activity was the pinata.  Arden, Halle, Jack, and I made this pinata.  I've never made a pinata before and wasn't planning on it, but somehow we did.  It's made out of cardboard, crepe paper, glue, packing tape, paper plates (for the ears), a hanger, and a whole lot of hopeful thoughts that it would stay intact.  I was surprised that it did such an excellent job of staying together and that it came out halfway cute.  Jack and Arden LOVED helping me make it. 

The next mouseketool was rope to hang the pinata.  We sort of botched that part because the pinata was set up prematurely.  Let me tell ya, the boys that were really into the Toodles game were very aware that we skipped a mouseketool.  
as you can see, the pinata made it through many of the kids.  Once the pieces started flying out, though, Nik ripped it open. The dads were worried the kids would get whacked in head by the bat because they would run and snatch the single piece that flew out.

Jack showing off his booty
If the kids were not riding the train or playing on the moonwalk, they were running around playing with all of the other toys.  Jack's birthday present from us was a Power Wheels four wheeler.  It was given to us by the Watts, so all we needed to do was buy a battery for it.  The kids played with it during the party, too!

Cake Time.  What did we need for our cake? We called Toodles one last time for our last mouseketool.  Candles!  Candles was our last mouseketool.

The kids (and parents) sang Happy Birthday to Jack in their best Donald Duck voice!  The result was so bad as most of us can't talk like Donald Duck.  Haha!

After presents the guests were off, and we sent them home with Mickey lollipops and whistle trains (I know I'm a mean party host.  I send the kids home full of sugar and annoying noise makers.  SORRY!!!)
party favors
At the end of the party Jack went upstairs and saw his big present from Uncle Adam and Aunt Sarah.  A train table with all the works!!!!
He was enthralled.  Such a great gift!!!  It has kept him entertained for many hours!!! 
he looked up just long enough to give us a cheese.  Then he was back to playing.
This little man was spoiled rotten for his birthday.  What a great day!

p.s. it has not stopped raining since the day of his party, 6 days ago.  I'm so thankful that his special day was spared from the rain.  

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