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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Way back when..

This morning, Arden and I are talking while getting ready for the day.  She is telling me how she is super excited for the weekend.
"First, I have field day on Friday.  That is so fun because you don't have to learn anything that day at school.  Then Daddy is taking me to Cici's.  He said I can go to Cici's for my straight A's present.  Then I'm having my birthday party.  It's going to be the best weekend ever!!!!!
Me, "It DOES sound like a fun weekend.  It I were 7 years old I would be super excited too."
Arden, " Yeah, but WAAAY back when you were 7 you probably didn't get to have much fun.  They didn't have fun things back then."

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend hanging out with Sarah and Adam because they were in town.  We didn't do much but sit around and eat Bluebell ice cream.  

Easter morning we went to church and then Easter afternoon we went to Tomi and Eddy's house.  Going to Tomi and Eddy's house is our tradition and we have been doing it since Halle was a baby, so this was our 14th year to go!
Our family Easter pics.  

These are the littles ready for their egg hunt at Mimi and Poppy's.  Poor Halle couldn't participate this year because I told her she was too old.  She wasn't too happy about that.  

They had to close their eyes and Brian counted down.
Arden is off!
They are racing each other to the first egg they see.
Poor Jack is at a disadvantage because he's shorter than Arden.  Here he has spotted one in the bush that he can reach.
They both came out with a good haul, though, lots of chocolate and coins.  This year Jack found the egg with the five dollar bill!  He's rich!

Spring has sprung!

Kite fishing.....But without the fish.  

Playing a little baseball with Daddy.  

At this exact moment, "Mommy, why do you always take pictures of me and post them on Facebook?"  We'll I don't always, dear.  Sometimes I post them on my blog.  
Neighborhood Easter event, plus a couple of pics from my dad's house.  The azaleas are blooming so they girls had wear one in their hair.  

Palm Sunday.  I know it doesn't look like it but Arden is enjoying being at the front of the church waving palm leaves.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arden's Baptism

On March 6, Jack's birthday, Arden was baptized!  She trusted in Jesus as her lord and savior and decided to follow Him a few months ago.  She was super excited and somewhat nervous to get baptized.  I'm so proud of her decision.  
Over the last year and a half she has had question after question about God.  I just prayed and prayed that I was guiding her right with my answers.  I didn't want this to be a forced decision, obviously, because that doesn't lead to a healthy or fruitful relationship with Jesus.  She did finally come to believe in Him when she was ready.  
Arden was baptized in a portable baptistry since we are members of a portable church.  Even better, she was baptized in a large room that is known as the "cow palace."  It was definitely a unique experience.  
Poor thing had the flu!  She started feeling bad on the previous Friday and by Sunday she had a 103 temp and just wanted to stay in bed.  But, she also didn't want to miss being baptized! "I HAVE to be baptized and my whole family is coming so I have to do it."  She was a trooper and was very excited in spite of how she felt.
This is her a little bit before she took the plunge.  She is standing next to the portable baptistery, which is like a miniature jacuzzi.  Isn't it cute?!  Pastor Trammel baptized her.  

We then had a nice lunch with our family afterward to celebrate her baptism and Jack's birthday.  She received some special jewelry and gifts for her day.  It was a wonderful day.  
Now I often hear her "evangelizing" to Jack.  We'll be in the car and they'll be in "deep" conversation in the back seat. She'll be saying something like "Welove Jesus because he is God and God loves us and is bigger than you can even think of." Jack will be all into it and looking at her and going "ooooh, ok."  Lol, hilarious.