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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas Part 1

This year, after 15 Christmases together, Brian finally won the battle to get a real tree.  He took Jack on a very rainy morning (because he was that excited he had won the battle and probably scared I would change my mind)  to cut down a tree at a Christmas tree farm.  Funny thing is that after all the hoopla on cutting down his very own tree for the first time with his boy, in the rain, Brian went to the tree farm and ultimately decided on a pre-cut tree! So this pic of Jack with the saw is just for show, lol.  The tree he got instead was more authentic looking because it was shipped from up north where firs and spruces grow.  It was a nice addition to our Christmas.     
Paul Bunyan
Melvin, the elf, also came back this year to keep an eye out for Santa.Cookie decorating is always a must.  They decorated four dozen cookies, which Jack ate the majority of.
Arden's letter to Santa.  This girl. Only one item listed to ensure Santa brings her what she wants most of all...
And to ensure she receives everything else on her wish list whilst not receiving duplicates...
We had a little talk about Christmas and the spirit of GIVING, not GETTING

Monday, January 2, 2017

Camping at Jelly Stone

We hadn't been camping in a really long time so we decided to take a trip in mid December to one of our favorite campgrounds, Jelly Stone park in Waller, TX.  We aren't hard core roughing-it material like we once were so we "glamp" in a cabin nowadays.  
This little boy was super excited to camp.  He hasn't been since a baby so he doesn't remember our pop-up camper; but we said there would be campfires, fishing, ans s'mores so he was all in!  Of course Bear must tag along.  (side note: he recently said he would give up Bear once he's grown up and then he'll pass him down to another little boy.  Not sure Bear can handle that much love.)
This moment was so funny to me.  This is his first time to put on gloves.  He gets his fingers in there but he ends up with two fingers in one hole.  He holds up his hand and is really confused.  He starts counting his fingers because he can't figure out what the problem is.  OK, now that I'm typing this it doesn't seem that funny.  It was a "you had to have been there" moment.
This is our first of two nights.  We enjoyed the campfire, roasted weenies and made s'mores.

Brian made our cabin festive with Christmas lights

This is our cabin once we could see it the next day.  It has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and loft area for extra sleeping.  For some reason Halle missed the part about there being a working shower in the bathroom.  She was quite disgusted to find out she went two days without showering for no reason.  

All the other times we have camped at Jelly Stone it has been completely booked out.  This time there was no one there!  There were 17 families in the whole place.  Our section was completely vacant so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.  Behind Arden you can see all of the empty tent campsites.

with no one being there the kids could ride their bikes on the roads without fear of cars.  

Here is the play area where Jack and Arden spent most of their time.  It's like a Mc Donalds playground on steroids.  And because no one was around but us, we could send them off to play and see from our front porch.  

Halle and I selfie-ing with our winter clothes.  This was the one day the whole season I've been able to break out my boots.
Jack just being outside having a good ole time

The activity center at the park has events planned everyday.  On Saturday there was the ugly Christmas sweater decorating contest.  Since we didn't bring our own sweaters we bought some white t-shirts from them and decorated those instead.  Halle and Brian kept accusing each other of taking the other's idea of Santa's sleigh and reindeer.  There were a few other families in there decorating, but our family won 1st ,2nd, and 3rd place!  I was very proud of my family's crafting skills. I was especially proud of Brian's skills!  I won first, Halle and Brian tied for second, and Arden got third.  I also did a Facebook poll which Halle won by a long shot.

There was also cookie decorating.
Brian's scary cookie.  Looks like a Christmas Jack-o-lantern

I ate mine before anyone could take a picture.  I'm a sucker for sugar cookies.

her own pose.  Such a cutie pie.

Jack just licks all the icing off the knife.  He has that "it all ends up in one place anyway" mentality.

Another activity was getting to sit with Yogi and Santa.  (Yogi Bear is the mascot at Jelly Stone.)  Santa was a she, and Jack immediately recognized that when she said Ho Ho Ho in a fake low voice.  "That's not a real Santa, that's a girl Santa."  He sat with Fake Santa anyway because he really wanted the candy canes she was passing out.

Before we headed back home the kids had to fish at the little pond on site.  They all love fishing.  They fished with top dollar fishing equipment: a Mickey Mouse fishing pole and left over weenies.  There were only tiny fish biting, too small for the hook, but Halle managed to catch one anyway!  It was enough for the kids to be satisfied.  
Gone Fishin'

That wrapped up our weekend camping trip.  Hopefully we'll be able to make it back again soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My kids can be sweet.

Jack being a little man and taking out the trash for Mommy.
Helping Daddy at church hand out bulletins
Arden made this while playing with play doh.
and Jack's picture of me.
So tonight I had to work overnight and my kids DO NOT like me leaving them at night to go to work.  Tonight Jack was pulling me by my jacket and blocking the door so I couldn't leave.  Then he told me that I need to "get me a money maker so I didn't have to go to work ever again."  Lol.  I really need to find one of those there money makers.

Straight As for Arden Rose

I never got anything as a kid for my straight As or working hard in school.  It was just expected of me and that is totally fine because my As were my prize.  But one time one of my dad's friends gave me $5 for a good report card and I was thrilled.  It felt good to get a reward.  Brian and I both like to reward our kids a little when they get good grades since school is their job after-all and everyone likes a bonus for a job well done.

Usually Arden requests a trip to her favorite restaurant, Cici's, for the beloved macaroni pizza, and a trip to Bahama Bucks.  Jack loves when his sisters get As because he wins too.
Brian took them to Bahama Bucks.  One of the reasons why Arden loves this place so much is because they have games there.  They played Jenga and then Brian made these pictures.  

Straight As

And this is Jack.  I guess he lost the game.  
I also surprised her with a new hula hoop.  Here she's showing me all of her tricks.
And Aunt Sarah got wind of Arden's As so she sent a gift card in the mail to Arden along with this hilarious gift.  They are pants with Smarties Candies attached all over.  Smarty Pants!!!!

Halloween Time 2016

Pumpkin carving is always fun for us.
the kids went to the local pumpkin patch (aka Kroger) and found the plumpest prettiest pumpkins it had to offer.  I took a picture because it was one of the first pretty days of the season.  And because my kids are cute.
Here we are creating our masterpieces. 
Then Brian decided to be silly with his cut out mouth.  
So Monkey See

Monkey Do.
We decided to not be cheap this year and actually bought battery operated color-changing pumpkin lights for our pumpkins.  Good thing since we used them for about a whole thirty minutes.  From left to right, I think (I've already forgotten which is whose.  See, this is why I need to blog, because I'm forgetful.) Jack, Halle, Arden, Brian, Bobbie.  Personally I think the Minion is the best. 
And our Halloween characters for 2016.  We had Bob the Builder, and two Bob minions.  We didn't plan it that way.  In fact, Halle had no idea what she was going to be until about 45 minutes before this pic was taken.  But alas, all Bobs!  I dressed as yours truly.