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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Birthday and Anniversary Cruise

Thanks to Papa Mike and Gigi, Brian and I had a chance to get away with two of our favorite  couples, and go on a cruise!  The cruise was to celebrate Brian's 40th birthday, our 15th wedding anniversary, Crystal's birthday, and Crystal and Nik's wedding anniverary. The Vowell's were there too!

We had a ton of fun.  Probably too much fun.

I like big boats and I cannot lie.  Sir Mix a Lot would be proud.

Brian needed a  shirt too, so I photoshopped  one for him
The first night we just hung out at Red Frog.  I sorta taught Adam how to play chess.

Sarah, whatcha doin?

This picture sums up the night.  Crystal's crossfit classes came in handy for this pose.  Crystals stance with my granny panties peaking out crack me up every single time.  The best picture ever! I think I'm going to blow it up and put it over my fireplace.
In Cozumel we visited Mr. Sancho's.  Pool side bar, beach chairs, unlimited food and drinks.  Brian was the highlight of this day.  Oh my.  Let's just say he and the bartender became good friends.
us on the beach

Brian in the water singing Margaritaville over and over at the top of his lungs.  This is before he decided to go for a swim out to sea.

This is Brian mingling and toasting everyone, "Cheers, I'm 40!"

Us all next to the really cool bar that had swinging chairs instead of bar stools.

Crystal, the rebel, can't take her anywhere

laying pool side just enjoying the day.

Some other pics from the cruise.
about to get our grub on
Adam, too cool for school
us looking for flying fish along the boat's side.  Nik needs a pony tail for his beard.  
Sarah and Adam on the Lido deck I think.  or maybe at the casino.

us all together on our balcony.
Our four day cruise turned into a five day cruise because of huge swells.  The boat had to reroute and the water was extremely choppy.  They put barf bags by all the elevators and it was hard to just walk down the hallway.
our worried and nauseous faces.  No worries, we made it home.
There's a lot we didn't take pictures of, like the super awesome 80's trivia  dance party and the dancers at the shows.  We had a blast and  I can't wait to go again!

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