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Thursday, March 9, 2017

February Fun

Halle on Valentine's day.  This year she had a Valentine Beau, Michael.  She got him a present and she also made cookies for her friends at school 

Arden had a Decades Dance at school.  Second graders danced to 90s and 2000s music.  She rocked out to MC Hammer, Kid-N-Play, and One Direction.  Isn't she beautiful?

Brian and I goofing off at the The Potter's Wheel.  We had  a double date with the Spaffords.  I then ate the best chocolate cake ever at Black Walnut. 


Our Movie night with our home projector.  The projector is super rinky-dink, but my kids didn't care.  We watched Trolls and ate hot wings from our cool new air fryer.

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