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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jack's 5th Birthday Party

Jack had a Fun Bus  party.  The Fun Bus is a school bus that has been gutted out and redone on the inside to be a gymnastics play area.  The Fun Bus comes to wherever you want and stays parked while the kids play.  There are two attendants that come with the bus and keep the kids occupied with games.  It was perfect for Jack and all of his friends.  It allowed me to have the party at the house, but I didn't have to plan entertainment for the kids or have my house destroyed!  Plus, it was raining, so it worked out great.

Jack with his good friend, Rossy

at the end of the party they get to slide off the back of the bus.  Rossy's Dad, held an umbrella for the kids.
Inside we had a ninja turtle theme.  We served pizza, of course, because that's what ninja turtles eat.  Jack's favorite turtle is Ralphael.  He loves Ralph because he has big muscles and is the strongest.

My attempt at a turtle made out of cupcakes.  He's not perfect by any means, but Jack liked him.

Happy 5th birthday Jack.
Questionaire I asked Jack
What do you want to be when you grow up: a Doctor Dad (doctor and a dad)
Favorite shows: Ninja Turtles, Rescue Bots, Robocar Poli, Paw Patrol
Favorite Color: all of the colors except pink
Why don't you like pink: because it's a girl color.  But I do like purple.
Favorite Food: chocolate chip oatmeal
Best friends: Jake, Rossy, Delaney, Emerson
Favorite teacher:Miss Jessica and Miss Skyler
What makes you happy: tickling me makes me laugh
What makes you scared: thunder and lightning
What's your favorite song: ABCs
What's your favorite thing to do: play with my toys
What do you like your mommy to do with you: go to the park
What do you and daddy like to do together: hang out watching TV
Favorite animal: Lions and tigers because they roar
Favorite dessert: chocolate ice cream
Favorite drink: chocolate milk
Favorite thing to do outside: ride on my four wheeler

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