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Sunday, March 5, 2017

We had a low key New Years Eve.  At first we didn't want to do anything at all, Brian and I, other than just go to a far away place where fireworks weren't allowed past midnight.  But the Greens came over and got us out our pissy pants.  With them they brought New Years Eve inspired Minute to Win It games and Sangria.  It ended being a great night.  

We busted out Arden's cotton candy maker for our NYE party

I think the parents had more fun.  Brian and I argued over who could make the best looking cotton candy

just a selfie of the mamas
Some MTWI game: Throwing the bean bags through the clock holes

suck up an M&M with a straw and place them around a clock

move the top cup from the top to the bottom in the fastest time possible.  It's harder than it looks when you're trying to go fast.

the game where I looked like an old lady.  We had pantyhose tied around our heads with an orange at the end, swinging it and trying to knock over cups.  I couldn't stop laughing.
one of my favorite pictures ever of the Hargreen kids. This is them, all being themselves.
The absolutely cutest picture ever on the face of the planet.  I may have made them kiss each other like a thousand times to get the perfect shot, but they didn't mind because they love each other.  Delaney calls Jack "My Jack"
After midnight came and went we all played with Jakob's fancy Christmas present: virtual reality goggles. Creepy and cool and confusing all at the same time. 
The best part of the night.... it was rainy outside so the fireworks died down right after midnight.  SCORE!!!

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