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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 2017

We had a very mild winter in Houston, which lead to an early spring.
Spring means lots of days at the park.  This kid takes the shorts-under-the-skirt thing seriously, even if the shorts are longer than the skirt.  I'm not complaining!
Spring also means sick kiddos.  They love to lay with their mama when they don't feel good.

Or they feel fine, but take over my bed anyway.
Arden had a role in the Second Grade play called Bugz.  she was bug #17. 
Her line: "But how are we to get there?  I ask with all my might.  The city park is far away, it's bound to take all night."  She was a great Bug #17
Jack talking smack while beating me at checkers one evening.  "I've got the perfect plan!' and "I'm unstoppable!"  And "Queen me!"

Spring time this year also means baseball.
Jack started baseball.  He's on a 4/5 year old team that is coach-pitch.  He joined with a few of his friends from church, Cooper, Rossy, and Dublin.

 Jack's very first baseball game.  Here he is waiting to bat.

Poor kid, he struck out both times he was up to bat.  I don't it mattered much to him, though.  It just meant he could head back to the dugout to play with his buds.
Brian is out on the field trying to make all the boys pay attention.  He was stressed by the end of the game because they all have the attention span, well, of a five year old. Jack is next to him on the left.
Good game, good game

And so far the most important thing about baseball is the baseball cap.  He loves to wear it whenever he can.  Here  we  are at the grocery store, which is one of his favorite places to go.  He loves weighing produce on the scale.  We also have a Walmart that has scanners, so he is my scan-man.

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